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We. Are. Crypto.


HyperBlock is a leading publicly-traded cryptocurrency asset enterprise. 


We operate one of North America's most efficient cryptocurrency datacenters and provide complementary product offerings,

including cryptocurrency mining, Mining-as-a-Service (MAAS), server hosting and server hardware sales, depending on market conditions. 

HyperBlock Operations.

Experienced Team

HyperBlock began operating Project Northwest — one of North America’s most efficient cryptocurrency datacenters — in 2016.  Today, our team runs datacenters in the US and Canada.

Diversified Revenue

HyperBlock was built to withstand risk and thrive within the volatility of the crypto market. In addition to self-mining, HyperBlock generates revenue through Mining-as-Service hash rate sales, hosted mining and server sales. 

Operating Capacity 

HyperBlock operates one of the USA's most efficient

datacenters — a 20MW facility in the Pacific Northwest. As part of our ongoing commitment to operating as sustainably as possible, HyperBlock purchases electricity from a hydro-electric dam and employs advanced recycling technology to minimize environmental impact.

Economies of Scale

HyperBlock datacenters operate at locked-in, globally-competitive power rates.

Meet our CEO:

HyperBlock CEO Sean Walsh is an aerospace engineer turned investor with a deep passion and belief in the power of encouraging mainstream consumers to get involved in the crypto economy.

Sean founded HyperBlock’s Project Northwest datacenter in 2016. He’s a sought-after international speaker and crypto advocate who has been featured in scores of media reports, including Reuters, Forbes, Bloomberg and The Globe and Mail. 

Learn more about Sean’s story and his take on the future of crypto.

Meet our leadership team, board & advisors.


Meet the team of engineers, IT experts, security specialists, crypto enthusiasts, traders and innovators behind HyperBlock.  

Sean Walsh

CEO and Director

HyperBlock CEO Sean Walsh began large-scale mining in 2013 and went on to found Project Northwest, one of the USA’s largest datacenters, which was acquired by HyperBlock in 2018.  Sean founded Bertram Labs at award-winning private, cryptocurrency investment firm Bertram Capital, where he focused exclusively on Bitcoin investments.  Sean is the Founder of Redwood City Ventures, a blockchain consultancy firm — and holds a Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering, from the University of Colorado Boulder.  Sean is a sought-after international speaker and crypto advocate who has been featured in scores of media reports, including Reuters, Forbes, Bloomberg and The Globe and Mail.

Kenan Huskovic

Chief Engineering & Energy Officer

Kenan Huskovic is an energy and engineering expert who heads up HyperMines and HyperBox, HyperBlock’s innovative mobile mining division.  Kenan spent 14 years at WSP — one of the world’s leading engineering firms.  In 2015, Kenan was recognized as one of North America’s Top 40 Under 40 Consulting Engineers.  His area of specialization includes power generation, ventilation systems and datacenter design. He holds a Bachelor of Science, Engineering degree from the University of Toronto.

HyperBlock COO Roozbeh Ebbadi is a long-time crypto mining enthusiast who oversees logistics for HyperBlock mining operations across North America.  Roozbeh is a co-founder of CryptoGlobal, a Canadian blockchain technology company, which was acquired by HyperBlock in 2018.  He studied Civil engineering at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto.

Roozbeh Ebbadi

COO and Director

Jacob Shultis


HyperBlock CTO Jacob Shultis is an experienced cryptocurrency engineering and networking expert.  Jacob is the innovator behind HyperBlock’s proprietary remote monitoring dashboard, which allows the company to monitor and adjust individual servers for maximum productivity.  Jacob is a co-founder of CryptoGlobal, which was acquired by HyperBlock in 2018 and holds a Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering, degree from the University of Toronto.

The Honorable Ronald R. Spoehel

Independent Director

Ron served as the Presidentially-appointed Senate-confirmed Chief Financial Officer of NASA and is a private investor with 40 years of private investment, board, executive management, and investment banking experience, from Fortune 500 to technology start-ups. He presently serves as Managing Partner of Windrock Investments, and on the Board of Directors of publicly-traded Profire Energy, Inc. He also serves on other U.S. and international private company and advisory Boards and has held various board, and financial and general management positions with globally operating public and private companies in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, and Europe. 

Our Business Model.




HyperBlock operates cryptocurrency datacenters in the US and Canada.

Proprietary mobile server hosting.  Coming soon.

HyperBlock’s proprietary virtual hosted mining service. We provide the power, machines and crypto pros – you check in virtually via our 24/7 proprietary HyperCloud mining dashboard.


Hypercharge your mining results by buying our hash power.


Take advantage of our connections.
Buy your next server direct from us.



Focused on stimulating cryptocurrency usage and adoption through pilot partnerships and R&D.


HyperBlock trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the stock ticker:  HYPR.  

Our goal is to act as a catalyst for mainstream crypto investment and adoption by offering complementary products to create, manage and grow crypto assets.

Corporate Governance

March 10, 2020


10 am 

140 Yonge Street 

Toronto, Ontario

M5C 1X6

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We take a disciplined approach — offering Mining-as-a-Service (MAAS) server hosting and sales, depending on market conditions — in addition to large-scale mining operations.  This approach helps our team operate efficiently and take advantage of market opportunities. 

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