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HyperBlock is a publicly-traded cryptocurrency asset enterprise. 


We operate a North American cryptocurrency datacenter, providing complementary product offerings, including cryptocurrency mining, Mining-as-a-Service (MAAS), server hosting and server hardware sales, depending on market conditions. 

Experienced Team

HyperBlock began operating Project Northwest — a 20MW datacenter in the US Pacific Northwest — in 2016.  

Diversified Revenue

In addition to self-mining, HyperBlock generates revenue through Mining-as-Service hash rate sales, hosted mining and server sales. 

Operating Capacity 

HyperBlock operates a 20MW facility in the Pacific Northwest. As part of our ongoing commitment to operating as sustainably as possible, HyperBlock purchases electricity from a hydro-electric dam and employs advanced recycling technology to minimize environmental impact.

Economies of Scale

HyperBlock datacenters operate at locked-in, globally-competitive power rates.

HyperBlock Operations.




HyperBlock operates a 20MW cryptocurrency datacenter located in the US Pacific Northwest.

Proprietary mobile server hosting.  Coming soon.

HyperBlock’s proprietary virtual hosted mining service. We provide the power, machines and crypto pros – you check in virtually via our 24/7 proprietary HyperCloud mining dashboard.


Hypercharge your mining results by buying our hash power.


Take advantage of our connections.
Buy your next server direct from us.



Focused on stimulating cryptocurrency usage and adoption through pilot partnerships and R&D.



HyperBlock trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the stock ticker:  HYPR.  

Our goal is to act as a catalyst for mainstream crypto investment and adoption by offering complementary products to create and grow crypto assets.

We take a disciplined approach — offering Mining-as-a-Service (MAAS) server hosting and sales, depending on market conditions — in addition to large-scale cryptocurrency mining.  This approach helps our team operate efficiently and take advantage of market opportunities. 

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